Monday, December 10, 2001

There is something in the air today...

SO, there seems to be some question as to whether or not I am pissed off at people.

Let me begin.

A: I DO NOT NEED ANYONE TO SPEAK FOR ME. I am a big girl (in many, many ways) and if I have something to say, you can be damned sure I will be the one saying it. Of course, there is always the situation of respect and sometimes a mediator is appropriate. This was not the case.

B: I DIDN'T ASK ANYONE TO SPEAK FOR ME. It was not solicted, and not completely accurate. It was rather strange being at a party and not being in a "couple". This is a new experience for me, and I may have been apprehensive, but certianly not to the extent that was relayed.

C: IF I WAS DISTANT AT THE PARTY IT HAD N O T H I N G TO DO WITH A N Y O N E IN ATTENDANCE, it had more to do with a good friend having problems, and needing a shoulder. Hell, you guys see me all the time anyway, it's not like we never talk. My absence was not a reflection on anyone or anything other than being a friend, as you would all ask me to be.

D: I STOPPED PLAYING GAMES A LOOOOONG TIME AGO, and 'Rene, shame on you for even briefly thinking anything else. Do you remember how bad I am at it? Does the name BARTON ring a freakin' ROOM full of BELLS?!?!! Gawd, if you can't do it right...don't do it at all!! *grin*

So, now that this is cleared up, I can move on.

Work is good, I am a little sore for some reason, had a flash migraine come on suddenly last night, so that wasn't fun. Packed the living room, will do the kitchen tomorrow, and the painting should be completed at The Mom's by then, so, theoretically, I will be moved out by Sunday. Keep your calendars open, I may need some help.


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