Thursday, November 29, 2001

We're Gonna Write a Book...

72 hours ago, I was devistated.

48 hours ago, I was a total mess.

24 hours ago, I was lost and upset.

Tonight, G and I went to dinner and laughed and planned my moving out; we went over floor plans for an apartment for me and discussed sharing a storage unit. We're gonna have a packing party, invite our friends, eat pizza, and move on.

And when it is all done, we're gonna write a book "How to Break Up...and Keep Your VCR".

Tonight, I remembered all the reasons why I fell in love with her to begin with. I realized that we can still be good together...if we're not together. We're not gonna fight over the petty things, because that would only jeopardize our friendship, and how stupid would that be?

Hopefully, she will wait at least 6 months before she visits my church to scope out the hot Greek babes. You know how those blondes are about us beautiful mediterannian women...

So, life goes on. And how strangely it is going, too. I didn't think I would get to this point right away, but both of us feel such relief, it's as if we have both just survived cancer or something.

And we still love each other dearly. No question.

Thanks to everyone for their phone calls and blogs of support. You all are tremendous people. You can email the both of us without much worry now, we're doing good, and supporting each other. G told me this lit a match under her ass, and she is using this time to concentrate on herself, and on school. I can't think of anything better than that.

We'll let you know when the packing party is. And we will probably both be at the Christmas shindig at Danny's. I hope it won't be too weird. We'll probably both be happier people.


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