Tuesday, November 27, 2001

Okay, Okay....

Yes, I know I have been aloof and a bit bitchy. I apologize. I just have a world of stuff going on in my head. To those of you who have felt the brash of me lately, I am sincerely sorry. I know, JJ, I have nothing to apologize for, I just don't like unloading on my friends if I can help it. I have things I need to deal with....hell, we all do. I don't like leaning. I am usually the one who is leaned on. I am not in my comfort zone, and I am stretched waaaaay out there right now.

I haven't slept very well since Thanksgiving (sound familiar Lorene?) and I think that's most of the problem. We are coming up on a Moon cycle and that has thrown me for a loop. My stomach doesn't like food very much, I think I have had 2 complete meals in the last week, both in the presence of someone else. (Even now, G is asking me if I've eaten, and what do I want to eat, and I really should eat...)

I should go to the doctor. I should go to a shrink. Hell, I don't know.

You know, the good thing about blogs is you can just ramble and no one will tell you to shut up or that what you have to say is worthless. Nice to know it's here. And y'all are so used to me not blogging, you probably won't check my site for another month, and by then, I'll be doing better! *laugh*

I think I am going to get contacts. Someone once told me I hide behind my glasses and I have pretty eyes. I think my glasses make me look smarter. I don't know... Thoughts on the subject? *points to the TELL ME ABOUT IT tag*

Added a Top 5 songs stuck in my head... I even added clickable links so you can hear samples. I know they're kinda depressing...except for Brown eyed Girl...*big sigh*...Oh, well...

I love you. I'm going to go to bed, take a sleeping pill, and drift off to oblivion. Things will be better in the morning.



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