Monday, November 05, 2001


I feel sooo pukey. I thought I would call into work and just spend the day relaxing, but AVON calls, and everyone else does, too, so it seems...and I still feel pukey.

This weekend was lover-ly. Wayne was married on Saturday and we had a traditional dinner to celebrate. Ginnie changed clothes FOUR times!!..1-Traditional White Wedding Dress, 2-Traditional Vietnamese dress, 3-beautiful pink party dress and 4-Red Chinese dress with a golden dragon on the front. She was incredibly beautiful...took LOTS of pictures, thanks to Gracie running to buy disposible cameras all night (Kodak makes the VERY BEST camera, BTW, and well worth the $15). Dinner consisted of 7 courses, served "Family Style" with the rotating lazy susan in the middle of the table: Egg Flower Soup; Stuffed Lobster Claws; Seafood Medley with octopus, shrimp, squid, crab and vegetables; Roasted Duck; Vegetables with large Chinese mushrooms; and Longan & Jackfruit for dessert. Not the usual Sweet N Sour Chicken most of us Gringos eat. The cake was exceptional and gorgeous and each table had a bottle of Carbernet and Grand Marnier...which I left with, thank you very much! (As Serena put it.."You will become cheesecake...")

When you first entered, you would give your gift at the table (Money in a red envelope...) and sign a red silk cloth (like a guest book). They gave out mini-bottles of Grand Marnier as favors (gotta love a girl who would do THAT!) And yes, there was even Karaoke...which proved to be a highlight to the evening. I noticed something...when a "White Guy" and I use that term for lack of a better description, screws up on Karaoke, they just keep moving on...when someone from Ginnie's family (Chinese, Vietnamese) mess up, they start over. They're gonna get it right! *grin* Everyone was so nice and accomodating, I don't think we offended her family too much with our weird Western ways. Wayne lucked out on this one, baby.

Did the Sunday School thing...gawd those kids crack me up. We had class photos (aawwhhh). We were talking about annointing oil used in baptism and the whole conversation went awry...something about Holy Pam was how we concluded class. Strange kids...Stranger teacher...

Wonder how to put the Reblogger on here....Anyone?


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