Monday, September 03, 2001

What a week...

My father's surgery went well and he's at home now with his oxygen. That whole thing is a story in and of itself. Let's just say that I hate insurance companies and their stupid rules.

Gracie's uncle passed away, so that is where she was on Thursday while I was with my Dad. That was really hard on her. he is the first in the line of aunts and uncles to pass away, so it was a bit harder. But she is doing well.

Saturday was an adventure. Dondra got married, but the minister fell thru, so we ended up watching them exchange vows up in the mountains first thing in the morning, heading down to her place to have a champagne brunch (Gracie and I made about 20 omelettes...), they ran to a Justice of the Peace a little after noon to make it all legal, then we all ran to her son's first football game (starting Quarterback, no less), then ran to Toni and Rob's for the Fiesta De FOOD. We were done Tuckered Out!!!!


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