Monday, November 26, 2001

Okay, and a Special Treat for William...

I have told a couple of you this story, but it bears repeating.

As most of you know, I am teaching Sunday School. A couple of weeks ago, the lesson was on Holy Confession. The other teacher, Jeni, and I were trying to figure out a good way to get the kids excited about Confession, and not to fear it. We decided we could have the whole class get together on a Saturday, go to Confession as a class, then go out for pizza or ice-cream, something to bring them a sense of unity.

So, I am solo-ing a class and I bring up the subject. There is one young man, Mike, who is really quite sharp, probably knows more about theology than me (wouldn't be hard...). He says, "Well, we will go if you go, too."

Obviously, panic streaked across my dazed little face. ME? Confession?!!?

He smiled and said, "Haven't been in a while, have you?"

That, my friends, is the understatement of the millennium. I have not been to Holy Confession since, literally, the 6th grade. For those who have known me about as long, you can understand the vast array of infractions that are laying upon my soul at this very moment.

Teach by example.


So, it looks like I will be going to Holy Confession.

I will need to schedule a complete Saturday just for me.

And, maybe, even the Sunday after...


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