Monday, November 26, 2001

Gawd, I am such a filthy LOSER...

*Connie sits back in her chair, wearing Pink Flying-Cow flannel PJ's and sipping her Diet Coke with Lemon...*

I took a look at the date of my last blog and felt ashamed. Truly ashamed. How are you supposed to keep up with the life of "The Goddess" (Thank you, William) if I don't share?? Well, upon the prompting of my little Jewish boy, I will Blog my heart out tonight instead of doing AVON. It's a Good Thing, Martha.

So, where to begin. Thanksgiving is a good place. I volunteered at my church to feed the homeless and impoverished, and it really was a joy. My Dad, brother, brother-in-law and JJ and her husband all showed up to help, and I really felt wonderful. I ended up driving meals to elderly shut-in's at a local apartment complex and met some very nice people. One beautiful woman, a Muslim, actually told me she would remember me in her prayers that night. Hell, I can use all the help I can get. They all really touched me and I was a quivering mess of Jell-o by the end of the night.

The weekend was great, too. I was a complete slug for most of it. I went to lunch with a good friend (hey SMP!) on Friday at Dos Serranos (gawd, I love their food) and had a heart to heart. It's nice when you can sit with someone at a table and say anything or nothing and it's okay. Had lunch with Jeffiner on Saturday, did some shopping, spent some time with The Mom, had more heart to hearts, there, too...I'll tell you, the last week has been a strain on the 'ol ticker. It could be a Virgo thing. Or a woman thing. Or both. Who the hell knows.

Then Sunday G and I sno-blo'd Grandma's drive way and built a fire and watched TV and played videogames and just vegged.

I think I am at the point in my life where change is inevitable, but I half-want to avoid it. Kinda like the tooth that's been aching and you are NOT about to walk into the dentist's office. I will see what the days bring...


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