Thursday, November 29, 2001

Sleep Finally Comes...

Okay, some of you know what's going on, others only keep in touch thru my blog (how pathetic is THAT?!). I suppose I should explain a little, even if you have already figured it out.

Gracie and I have split. We are in the horrific process of separating our things and getting me moved. I will be *temporarily* staying with The Mom until I have secured my own place. For now, G is staying with a friend and getting her head together and I am at home.

Most of you had seen this coming, and it certianly doesn't make it easier. It most certianly doesn't mean we don't love each simply means we love each other enough to know when we are hurting, and at least this way, we can have some hope of being in one anothers lives. If I stay, that chance grows smaller and smaller and eventually to nothing.

G will be coming home this weekend, and we will get more of our stuff sorted out. Don't worry, we are both okay.

Thanks to everyone for their help and open ears and hearts the last few days. Please call G when you get a chance, I know it would mean a lot to her.


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