Saturday, December 08, 2001


A little wine, some good conversation, pretty I love Friday Nights.

Why is it that nothing I plan ever turns out? Last night was supposed to be:
A-Drop off a Christmas Gift to a friend.
B-Pick up boxes to move
C-Pay off G's car (yeah!) and
Wanna know what I actually DID?

A-Drop off a Christmas Gift to a friend, stayed at friends house, picked up dinner for me and friend and friends' friend, drank friend's wine, got home at 11pm.

Yes, I am avoiding, methinks. I need to get the lead out, and my ass out, of G's place. I am lingering because, in all actuality, I hate change. But I am craving it now, as painful as it is. It's almost like the sore tooth you keep prodding with your tongue, secure in the pain of it, but not committed enough to see the dentist. (Boy, I use alot of dental references in my blogs. Maybe I need a cleaning...)


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