Tuesday, December 04, 2001

Have I Mentioned...

That AT&T is one of my least favorite companies right now? Apparently, the local provider of @Home service, Excite.com, filed for bankruptcy. On Dec 1, all access to @Home service was terminated for the users in Utah.


*clears throat*

So, G and I have been unable to access mail, Blog, LIFE for the last 4 days.

It's enough to make you start writing letters again...

Also, a great BIG thanks to my friends for their open hearts and open shoulders to lean on lately. JJ, SMP, JH...you know who you are...

I think I am going to try and get the living room packed tonight, depending on how I am feeling. Although this is happening for good reason, it is still emotionally and physically exhausting. I am probably going to get sick. I've been fighting off the chold/chest ickies for a while, but with a couple of friends being so sick, I am bound to be pushed over to the dark side soon...

I need to check on storage units. I don't want to move all my crap to The Mom's place. Did I tell you she has my room readied for me? Yes. The Pink Room. Oh, Gawd, I hated that room when I was younger, and the thought of it now just makes me want to cry. So, please, if you are in Utah, call me FREQUENTLY to get me out of the house. But use my cell, The Dad doesn't like a lot of calls at night.

Oh, Gawd, did I just say that?

*hits head*


*deep breath*

It will be okay. I just know it. And I think I found a REALLY cute apartment, perfect for me. I will have an apartment warming: wine, cheese, I may even make baklava if you guys are good.


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