Tuesday, December 11, 2001


I am finally sitting down, with drink in hand, to fill y'all in on the goings and comings of the day. Drink: Raspberry Chai, courtesy of Beans N Brew, in a Batman coffee cup. Music: Sounds of India, courtesy of Shane and Chet (THANK YOU!! I LOVE IT!!). I slipped and fell in the parking lot of Dan's tonight so my back is screaming in various degrees of pain as we speak. Freakin' lousy timing.

The Pink Room is no more! Everyone thank the universe with me, now. *hhmmmm*.

G and The Mom finished up the painting today, G was given a handsome reward, and The Mom was given a little peace of mind. Paint should be dry enough to start moving in by Thursday, so I will be getting everything ready. Living room is done, need to do the kitchen and bathroom (shouldn't take too long). I want to wait on the bedroom til the weekend so we can get my bed outta there first. That should leave enough room to get my clothes and various items out of there without too much of a problem. G is moving the futon up into the room, which will be perfect for just her.

I found the most amazing comforter set in a beautiful red, adorned with Chinese symbols in gold and black, so I am glad I won't be living in the Pink monstrosity. I think I will buy it, and call 'Rene so she can come over with a bottle of wine, a loaf of crusty bread and my new ham-ster. Yeah, she wants to buy me a ham-ster.

I think I shall call her Angelina....the ham-ster, that is.


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