Tuesday, December 18, 2001

And the Tarot Cards Say…

So, JJ and I had our cards read last night. The reader, Kristen, is a beautiful redhead and an absolutely wonderful woman, who is also a Reiki Master and Spiritual Counselor in addition to her expertise in massage and chakra therapies. Yes, I will be her student. Oh, yes, I will….

Anywhoo, the cards had interesting things to say about my life. I won’t go into complete detail, but here are some highlights…The Death card came up as a representative of recent closures (hmmmm), and the myriad of obstacles I have had recently overcome. The cards said I have handled things admirably, conscientiously, and objectively, but I have to start speaking out and setting my boundaries as I re-invent myself. I am overly emotional (duh!) and I need to cry and possibly seek a bit of spiritual or mental therapy (or both) to help me through. “Not to say that you aren’t strong enough, no one is strong enough alone…”

I need to stop being so critical of myself. The Failure and Ruin card came up as my fears and underlying emotional bases, and, as a Virgo, multiply them by 10 THOUSAND, and I guess that is where I am. It’s interesting, just Sunday I was saying to G that I felt like a complete failure, when really, I hadn’t failed at anything. I am petrified of being a failure, but the life in Ruin is all in my head, and not as compounded as I make it myself.

The Love card came up (to me and JJ’s surprise) and the cards are saying that Love is right around the corner, either a deep spiritual friendship or romantic love. I asked if that was wise, considering, and her comment was, “What does Wisdom have anything to do with Love?” We had a good chuckle about that. The next card after than was the Aeon, and Kristen laughed and said, “Wow, well, don’t go moving in right away!” I guess the Aeon and Love combined is something intense and profound. Maybe I’ll find Love in myself. It’ll be about damned time.

And I have Father issues. Not necessarily with my Dad (shut up, JJ), but with taking the reigns in my relationships, and mastering my destiny. Ya think?!

It was quite emotional, and as Kristen and I hugged, I felt very calm and safe and happy that I met her. I even told her I loved her (and, no, not that way) Opening up, I am. Let the universe bring positive change and healing energy.

Oh, and Lorene, I love you, too.


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