Monday, December 31, 2001

Oh, and The Christmas Bounty List...

A heating pad (yeah!)
a video/cd rack
a tv stand
a snowman cocoa set from my niece
a gift certificate to Media Play *happy happy joy joy dance!*
TWO boxes of orange sticks...mmmm... dark and light chocolate
a CD player for my car (Thanks G!)
Christina Aguilera's Christmas CD (shaddup, Dylan)
chocolate covered cherries
an unknown gift coming back from San Fran w/JJ (I am scared. Hold me.)
Pop and Popcorn
VIDEOS!!! Pearl Harbor, Sweet November, Proof of Life, Tomb Raider
Candles and a wonderful CD of Music from India
Gold hair gel (yes, I wanted that)
hairspray and various toiletries
Two large candles in Vanilla scent.
and LOTS of hugs and loves from everyone!

Looking back, it seems that I have been VERY spoiled! *smile*


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