Monday, December 31, 2001

Hi, My Name is Forrest. Forrest Gimp...

Christmas was great. At least, it was great BEFORE I fell down the stairs and dis-located my shoulder. So, that gives me about 13 minutes of a great Christmas, since it happened first thing in the morning. I know, I know...I shouldn't leave my champagne bottles on the stairs to trip over. I will have to fire the maid.

I did have a nice holiday, albeit on Darvocet and Soma. Work was quite interesting the day after - I ended up leaving after half a day since most insurance companies were either closed or not answering their calls. And I hurt.

The bruises are going away, though, so I have to look at the bright side!

And, as fate would have it, The Mom gave me my very own heating pad for Christmas. Mrs. Santa is a wee bit psychic I am thinking...

So, here it is New Years Eve and I am catching you all up on the expansive and intensely rivoting life I lead. *Riotous Laughter*

The Mom and I spent the weekend together, Mommy & Daughter bonding, I suppose. We bought a new bed-set (I fell in LOVE with it at the store and HAD to have it). It is a deep blue with gold stars, moons and sun graphics all over. Since I have a pillowtop mattress, the fitted sheet never actually fits, so we cut it up and made pillowcases for my body-pillow, 3 smaller pillows, 2 neck pillows and, get this, a lamp shade cover! I was so domestic, Martha Stewart was in awe. Shane would be proud. We also got matching pillar candles and are planning the valance to match in the same deep blue and gold. It really is lovely. Wasn't planning a blue ensemble, was actually going to do Asian Red, but, hey, my head is in the clouds, it seems appropriate.

What else...what else...Having dinner (and champagne) with a few friends tonight, should be an interesting time. JJ comes back tomorrow night, I hope her trip goes well. And, No, William, I did not raid her closet. *wink* Yours on the other hand...

Well, I hope you all have a safe and wonderful New Years. I'll raise my glass for you tonight!!


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