Wednesday, February 06, 2002

Got a Minute...

And only a minute. Looks like I will be getting my new computer in a couple of weeks, which should help on the blogging front, as well as my emails. It's been hard not having access. G brought her computer over last nite so we could attempt to start on the stuff I need for my taxes (I had a business this year, ya know...). We got quite far, I am impressed. Now, I just have to get it all down in a logical spreadsheet, with all my backup behind it, and I should be looking at a helleva nice refund. There were a couple of months where I lost more money than I brought it. Who knew?

What else... what else... looking forward to VD day, even though I technically don't have a Valentine this year. G brought me a Valentine last nite, and it was adorable, so maybe I'll keep her this year *wink*. Work is, well, hell as usual. Why are Greeks so grumpy?

Love out to William, he is in my thoughts and prayers. His mom fell ill, and he had to fly home last week to help tend to her. And he still found time to send his Grandmother's authentic German Struedle receipe. Awesome, to say the least.

SOOOOOO, what is everyone doing for Valentines?? COMMENTS?


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