Thursday, November 13, 2003

Thinking of You Toni...



I am so excited, I think I may have found a career path for me if I don't get this payment review position.

Next year, the Huntsman Cancer Research Hospital will be opening. It's a fully functioning hospital right next to the institute, about 80 beds, full radiology, chemo, surgery, oncology, prostethis - you name it. All the cancer cases at the U will be transferred there, including their complete chemo/radiation therapy departments. It's a gorgeous hospital.

They have a complete department for just prosthesis - this is the cool part. They have artists who will recreate whole ears and noses when cosmetic surgery just can't help. I can't imagine losing my ear, and how traumatic it would be. These artists can really help the patients gain their self esteem after a disfiguring surgery. They will also be doing exterior breast prosthesis, like my mother has, but I am sure they are much more advanced and probably would feel better.

Anyway, what Hunstman Hospital is planning to do is have a group of U staff members who are "point" employees. When a cancer patient arrives, this person will be the one who registers them, pre-auth's their treatment, serves as a financial counselor, discharges them - basically all the financial and paperwork needs of the patient will be handled by one person who understands their case and what they need. How comforting it would be to a patient to deal with ONE person instead of a dozen different faces...

Anyway, as the director was presenting this to us, all I could think of was "How do I get THAT job??!!"

It would use my talents and knowledge, allows me to directly help patients and affect their recovery by emotional and mental reassurance that someone is taking care of all the finances. It's like the job was created for me! Let alone the fact that breast cancer treatment is paramount to me, and has directly impacted my family...

So, that's what I am going to work toward - learning all I can here so when the time comes, I can get on at Huntsman!!

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