Monday, November 24, 2003

TRYING To Work...

but it is so hard to do on a week that only has 3 days. But I have to. Argh. Happy Monday morning to ya!

This week - and weekend - was emotional, cathartic and restful. Toni's father's funeral was a beautiful tribute, and Lindi and I are both grateful we were able to attend.

Well, we did it, Miss Kitty is now officially MS. Kitty... we had her fixed. She came home from the vet quite disoriented, and it took her about 5 hours before the anethesia wore off. She would try and use the litter box and would forget what she was doing. (Turn, scratch, scratch... pause.... turn, scratch, scratch... pause... turn the opposite way, scratch, scratch... pause...) We finally gave her some pain medication at 9pm, and she felt well enough to eat some soft food and go potty, which was a great sign. She was also V Chipped, so if she get's lost, any vet or shelter can get her back home.

All of this in preparation for the arrival of Valentino, a black and white long hair that Lorene is rescuing from the "Cat House from Hell". We are excited to have a new baby, especially since he's already been fixed and had his preliminary shots. We need to take Ms. Kitty back to the vet for her rabies booster in a month, so we'll take Valentino in as well, and get him looked over really well, make sure he's healthy. Lorene has done a great job of looking after him, so I am sure he's golden.

Went to see The Matrix Revolutions on Friday night... and I am more confused than before when I went in! Did Neo die? Did he become a part of Smith? Is Smith really the Oracle? Is the Oracle and Neo now one? What the hell happened?!??! All I know is Trinity died, and that pisses me off. She was the best thing about that goddamned trilogy. Or maybe she didn't die... who the hell knows. Does anyone kow if there is gonna be a 4th one or are they done confusing the hell out of us?

This Thanksgiving oughta be interesting - two households, one afternoon! But I guess I'll need tog et used to it, since I have a whole new family now. I get to be the "victim" this year at Thanksgiving, and give the Thansgiving prayer - in Greek. God help me. Beth is happy since she doesn't have to give it again this year in Hebrew. I'm trying to memorize it now, but there will be cue cards involved, you can bet on it.

Lindi and I are trying to put together our bedroom - make it more of a sanctuary. I have been trying to create a meditation corner in our room filled with candles, wood and stone, my Japanese paper lamp, quiet earthy tones to relax in. Lindi bought me a whole new bed ensemble... sheets, skirt, shams, comforter, new pillows... everything. It's beautiful, and we picked it out together. The sheets are warm ivory, the comforter is warm ivory and eggshell, the decorator pillows are an autumn terra-cotta and light chocolate... it's a gorgeous bed - it looks like it belongs in Better Homes and Gardens. Shane would be so proud! Plus, it tones down the "Tigger Orange" from her side of the room, pulls the earthtones in from my mediatation corner... it's WONDERFUL! It was like sleeping in clouds last night. We have 8 pillows on our bed when it's fully made up! We are going to get some draperies next to really pull the light in. It is a calming place now, and I am grateful.

I hope this week find everyone happy and healthy and all your plans are filled with love and laughter!

Drink of the Day: Caramel Macchiatto
CD on the Playa: Britney Spears In The Zone (Shaddup Dylan, I bought it for the Madonna song...and it's not half bad)


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