Friday, January 23, 2004


Or, in the words of my blog friend Danielle... Bad Spellers of the World...UNTIE!

Lindi seems to think I am an english whiz. I write letters for her and help Sarah with spelling and homework. I am a walking Theasaurus. But I never believed it until I took THIS TEST.

My results...
Could You Win the National Spelling Bee?
Nice work!
You are an excellent speller. Learn even more from our dictionary.
You got 9/10 correct.

I am dissapointed in the one I got wrong. Argh. I know better.
The correct answer: B intelligible
Your answer: A intelligable

The day is slow, but good. I have a lot of work to do, so I might be pulling some overtime. Lindi didn't have to be to work today until 8, so she and I were able to share our morning together, and even kiss goodbye at the car. It's amazing what you miss when you work different shifts.

The low carb diet is very draining on me, but I have gotten my co-workers who weren't supportive to really understand my need to change. Since my diagnosis of Insulin Resistance, I have honestly not put a lot of effort into changing my eating habits, or even taking my meds, for that matter. It is remarkable to me that I haven't thrown my system into total Diabetic shutdown. This change is needed, and needed now, before the damage to my system is irreversible.

I have a partner to support (and push) me to take better care of myself and now, a daughter to look after. If not for me, then for them.

Drink of the Day: Coffee with half-n-half, sugar free vanilla syrup and sweet-n-low

CD on the Playa: Sarah McLaughlin Fallen


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