Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Oh, what a Weekend!

This weekend was busy, but so incredibly fun. Saturday night was our company party, which we thouroughly enjoyed. Lindi and I drove to the Marriott downtown, which was right across the street from the Salt Palace, checked in and then got ready for the party. Our room was on the 12th floor, on the very end, and was just beautiful, and thanks to Beth, was at an awesome rate! I was dressed in a black velvet top with a long flowing print skirt with a generous slit and short heels. I curled my hair and left it down. Lindi looked really nice in new black levi’s and a black peachskin shirt.

There were 3 large ballrooms with about 50 cash bars, and numerous tables of food. In one room, there was a live band, food tables and tarot card and psychic readers. In the next was casino tables and a hypnotist on stage, and in the third was the employee talent show, followed by karaoke, and a dance floor.

We had our tarot cards read, and it was in interesting experience. He asked us if we had a special question to ask, and the first thing that came in my mind was “When am I going to have a baby?” Then we decided just to have a general reading. He spread out the cards and the first thing he said was, “OK, which one of you is pregnant?” I about choked. Of course, neither of us is pregnant, but he said that we should be expecting either a baby or someone close to us to be pregnant in the next year or so. It better not be Sarah, is all Lindi had to say.

We are also to expect a call from a blonde haired boy with some news that will be exciting… very exciting. I am the creative one, apparently, and he had me draw two cards… whatever project I am working on right now has some financial significance as something lucritive. The only thing I am working on is my wedding album, and he suggested maybe others would pay me to scrapbook their wedding photos for them. Who knows!

And Lindi is the worrier. He had her draw two cards and said, “Stop laying up at night and worrying about it! You’re making yourself sick! Just stop it!” The card actually had someone in bed, sitting up, holding their head. It made me laugh. It was grand fun.

The food was amazing, shrimp cocktails, roasted beef, fajita bar, hummus, crackers and imported cheese, grilled and chilled veggies, and an amazing dessert bar.

We enjoyed the evening with some of my crazy friends from work and Lindi thought they were a crack up. She also couldn’t figure out why I was at the table with all the supervisors. That’s because I’m special…

We stayed and drank and finally poured ourselves into our hotel room at about 11pm, and promptly fell asleep! We enjoyed a beautiful breakfast at the restaurant downstairs and then headed home to laundry, cleaning and relaxing before family dinner at Lindi’s Moms.

Monday, Lindi was working, so Sarah and I ran errands in the morning. I finally took my dress in to be dry cleaned, along with my comforter. Then I dropped Sarah of at her hair appointment, and spent the rest of the afternoon scrapbooking our wedding album until Lindi came home, and the rest of the evening was watching TV and just vegging.

Also, as of Feb 2nd, Lindi and I are changing our lives and starting the South Beach and Atkins diets, respectively. The South Beach is designed to work with my high insulin body chemistry and I am excited to begin. Both of us are giving up white sugar and white flour products, as well as high carb foods such as potatoes, corn and rice. I have read a lot and I think the South Beach will work great for me, as it allows high fiber-dense carbs later in the diet. Apparently, the Atkins diet worked for Lindi before, and she lost about 80 lbs. Wish us good luck!

Oh, and by the way, I’m selling Girl Scout Cookies for Jessie. Want some?


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