Friday, January 09, 2004

At Home and Resting...

before Lorene forced me to... I took Wednesday and Thursday off, without much choice since I could barely move, and took most of today off, only going into work to do the absolute minimum needed for Blue Cross and Medicare. My boss, who I am now in love with, did some arranging for me to allow me to work overtime early, since I met and exceed my productivity scale, but will also work with any physical therapy schedule I may need. She really went to bat for me and I love her... she doesn't want to lose me...

I went to the doctor yesterday and she told me to take the pain meds AND the muscle relaxants AT THIS SAME TIME... I had been alternating since I didn't want to abuse them in any fashion. Trust me, together, they are heaven. Only problem is that I can't drive with them on board. Hopefully, on Monday, I will be able to get on an excersize program and start on the road to recovery AND wellness.

And the verdict is... 93.5% on Lindi's F.O.R.!! I am so proud of her. She literally went through hell for 76 hours straight, and her bosses and the franchise owners were very impressed with her preparation and her crew. I am so very proud of her, (did I already say that?) and she certianly deserves the next three days off she's taking. No phone, no committments, no anything.... just her, a bed and a remote control! She's been a doll making sure I am okay, now I am looking out for her a little bit.

Well, back to bed with me. Love out to everyone who's called or emailed to check in on me! Thank you for all your energy!!


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