Monday, December 29, 2003

As the Snow Hits!

The U ended up sending us all home at 12:30 on Friday due to the weather conditions. I tromped out to my car, which had to be parked on the road because there is not enough parking passes, dug out my car, only to find my rear view mirror on the drivers side was shattered from the snowplows throwing the heavy snow... almost got hit by a BMW who thought he could make it up the road in front of me and hit a snow bank... money can't buy everything... heh heh heh... I was able to make it to Lindi's store and hunkered down with Lindi and Sarah who both had to work, then attempted to go home, to find our entire parking terrace snowed in... Connie Andretti tried to get her car to a stall and got stuck, then got unstuck and we packed our stuff and headed to Lindi's Mom's for the night. Her brother had no power, so he and Beth were there, too. We had a huge sleepover (which I think her mother secretly loved). Luckily for us, Lindi's dad bought a new snowblower and their drive was clear for all our cars.

My grandfather's power was out, and he had to call the paramedics for oxygen until Praxair could get some tanks to him. My Dad took care of the heat and some warm food and hot coffee... braving the conditions to make sure he was okay. His power came back on Saturday night. Bill and Beth's power is STILL not on, so they have been living at Lindi's parents house, checking on their house now and again, making sure the pipes haven't frozen. Utah Power indicated they may have power tonight.

I had every intention of delivering goodies on Saturday, but there was no way I was venturing out on Saturday... I had too many close calls... Lindi's father cleaned up our parking terrace, and we discovered one of the branches off the big tree to the side of the house had broken, so we called the landlord to get that taken care of. I left Lindi's Mom's house and went home to cook a turkey dinner for Karen and Summer, who were coming over to celebrate a late Christmas with us. I had been defrosting a turkey for the past two days, and when I went to dress it and put it in the oven, I noticed the damn thing was freezer burned! My father gave us a fully-cooked smoked turkey for Christmas, but it was frozen in our freezer! We pulled that out, ran it under water for 15 minutes to get the wrapping off, stuffed it with apples and celery for aromatics and stuck the thing in a 300 degree oven for 4 hours. Just in case, I had a smoked, cooked and defrosted ham on stand by... but the turkey turned out beautifully, and we had a wonderful dinner! Lindi didn't want to do dishes, so we left the whole thing out, except for the food, of course.

Sunday morning, I snuck down to the kitchen and cleaned it, did all the dishes, and put it back together from the night before, so Lindi woke up to a nice surprise! Then, while making fresh cinnamon rolls and preparing to make breakfast for my family, Lindi got a phone call from her Mom (Bill and Beth were still without power), and we invited them all over to our house for breakfast! We made 18 pancakes, cut the ham into 7 nice ham steaks, cooked 13 eggs, 6 cinnamon rolls, half a pound of bacon and a skillet full of hashbrowns! Lindi loved every minute of it, and they all left full and happy.

We all met up again at 1:30 to see Return of the King, which took my breath away. I didn't even notice it was 3 1/2 hours long. Spectacular! I was in complete awe the entire movie. And what about the kiss between Arwen and Aragorn? Was that not fabulous??!! Afterward, we met up at Red Lobster for dinner, and got sick on the shrimp feast! Not really sick, just FULL sick!

And I made it to work today, with the wind blowing and the cold outside. The heat was off in our building all weekend, and just came back on, so it's cold in here - it will take about 2 hours to get back to temp... I wish I was still in bed...

I have also made a new observation. Since opening my Yahoo! account, I have continually been the victim of SPAMMERS... to which Yahoo! has installed a SPAM guard, to help put all those emails in a nice bundle. Odd, since I think Yahoo! is probably the ones who are giving out my email, anyway... Some of the emails, however, don't make sense, or just do NOT apply... and therefore will be featured as, hopefully, a chuckle of the day.

Drink of the Day: French Vanilla Cafe'

CD on the Playa:Personal compliation which includes Tori Amos, Alanis, Bill Withers...

SPAM of the Day (this may change periodically....): FROM: jessa SUBJECT: Sexy Paris Hilton Wants A C0ck Up Their Virginal Ass! ... first of all, Paris is one person, secondly, I am most certian she is not virginal... and sexy is still up for discussion...


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