Tuesday, December 23, 2003

Happy Tuesday

Or, sorta.

Last night was hell. Simply put.

I left work at 4:30 and headed directly to the bank, which took an hour. From the bank I traveled west to Lorene’s house, which took an additional hour, then from her house to Wal-mart (which I am now boycotting for their lack of fair labor practices), and through the parking lot with all the other crazy shoppers, 45 minutes. By the time I finished my shopping and drove home, it was 8:00. It was constant walking, so I was shaking really good when I got home. I took a Lortab and wrapped while Lindi baked stain-glass sugar cookies and we went to bed. Lindi fell at work, and really bruised up her right side, so we were trying to comfort each other through the night because we were both hurting so. Luckily for her, she didn't have to work until 11, so she slept in a little… we’re quite the pair…

IF YOU HAVEN’T – please sign up on my GUESTMAP… it’s to the left… it’s fun! And answer the MINI POLL from yesterday!

Today less and less of my co-workers are here, so I am getting more accomplished even though I really don’t want to work. One co-worker brought in Velveeta Fudge (it was pretty good and seems really easy). I’m just kinda “not here” in my head…

Oh, word of advice, if you are not working while at work don’t do the following:
1. Play Solitaire on your computer… when EVERYONE can see your computer screen from the hallway. Dumb.
2. Don’t process your AVON orders from your cubicle, spreading out all the AVON everywhere… Really Dumb.
3. Don’t ANNOUNCE that you are officially not working today, but getting paid for it… while your supervisor is standing on the other side of the wall… Really, REALLY Dumb…

Out-of-the-Blue Compliment: "The only time [insert an ex's name here] had any class was when they were with you. Nice.

Drink of the Day: Café Mocha with Raspberry

CD on the Playa: Christina’s Christmas… again…

Lunch Menu: Crab and Shrimp with Mixed Greens and Lemon… and a Diet Coke…


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