Wednesday, December 17, 2003

And the Award for Best Use of Construction Paper Goes To…

Me, dammit!

We are having a decorating contest throughout the University. And our division chose “Rockin’ The Holidays, Music Through the Decades.” So, each department was given a decade and was asked to decorate based on the music of there particular era. Luckily for us, we got the 90’s through the millennium.

I just happened to remark to a co-worker, not in my unit, about some cool ideas I had about decorating… the next thing I know, I am making a freakin’ 6 foot by 5 foot cardboard fireplace, complete with mantle, stockings baring various artists names such as Ashanti and Snoop Dogg, a chimney with billowing smoke and dozens of pieces of sheet music to grace our walls (bunched and twisted for 3D effect) reflecting Christmas Music from popular artists like Mariah and Gloria Estefan… I also pulled covers of CD's off the internet and copied the ones I had in my desk, the whole place looks festive... I have been decorating this bastard for 2 days. We better freakin’ win, that’s all I am gonna say. And they owe me a day off with pay, too…

Now, someone wants me to make boots sticking out of the billowing smoke… I am not sure when I became a master of construction paper, but, hey, it’s all in good fun!

I know my blog yesterday seemed a little gruff. It was in response to a myriad of problems. I don’t mean my friends aren’t worth my time, of course not. I have also learned that when I vent my feelings, other people take them personally. I do not mean them personally, even to the point of saying that it isn’t personal, but people will take my feelings personally anyway. Can’t control it. And I won’t feel responsible for it. I am done trying to make peace with everyone on this planet and having to apologize for my feelings. No more.

Drink of the Day: Vanilla Mocha

CD on the Playa: C&C Music Factory... kinda funny, huh?


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