Friday, December 05, 2003

I Like Being Well-Adjusted!

I awoke this morning feeling pretty good, a little shell-shocked, but good. My pain scale yesterday was a 8-9 out of 10, today it’s a 4-5, so I am certain the adjustment has a great deal to do with that. I have another appointment today, so hopefully I will experience an even bigger release. I am also thankful that my insurance has full chiropractic benefits, no limit, $15 copay. THAT is the biggest relief – that it will be covered. The Dr also took some X-rays of my neck to make sure none of the discs were bulging. He’s pretty confident that with a few treatments, I can relieve 95% of my headaches. Whut Whoo!

Thinking a lot about Jennifer lately, she’s been stressed at work. Sending positive thoughts to her as she tries to whittle the mountain back into a mole-hill. I have seen a great deal of character in her lately, and I am proud she is one of my best friends.

Also glad to be back in touch with a childhood friend and her partner… now trying to get together during the holidays is NUTZ, but we’ll do it. I haven’t seen them since my wedding, and we have so much to talk about and catch up on. I don’t feel right with the universe when I am not talking with her on a regular basis. She travels a lot, and they both have their own businesses, so that can be really tough.

Here's to Shane and Chet - 14 days to your new home!!

Oh, and Tino is adjusting well to his new home. He looks forward to his nightly brushing and is starting to rule the roost. Ms. Kitty is still being a bitch, but she'll get over it. It might take her a few weeks, but she'll come around. After all, he's soooo handsome!

I got my full set of Mary Kay today! I am so psyched. I have to throw ALL of my makeup away since having an eye infection and some kind of dermatitis, so I thought I would start clean and fresh with a whole new brand. The colors are beautiful. I forgot how much I loved Mary Kay... now they are expensive, but I got the whole kit and caboodle, and my Mary Kay lady gave me her full discount (love you Michell-e), so it cost me as much if not less than what I would have paid at a cosmetics counter or AVON. Plus, I know the quality of Mary Kay - I sold it ! I got the eye compact with 3 shades of shadow (White Sands, Hazlenut and Persian Spice), blush (Nutmeg), lipstick (Toffee), lipgloss (Almond Glaze), lip liner (neutral), eye liner(Charcoal), mascara (black), creme to powder foundation, oil-free makeup remover, cleanser, mask, freshener and moisterizer; PLUS the full Satin Hands pampering set. Now, if you have never tried Satin Hands, you MUST call a MK rep and just get samples. Your hands and feet will never feel so amazing as they do with this stuff. So, I am just thrilled and can't wait until I get home and can try everything on! And then go to bed! *wink, wink*

Hope the week is well for all of you and you get all your shopping done and can relax in the arms of the one you love.

Drink of the Day: Vanilla Caramel Cafe'

CD on the Playa: James Taylor Greatest Hits


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