Tuesday, November 25, 2003

And So Goes Tuesday...

My father gets to have cataract surgery next week. Whut Whoo! Actually, I am pleased he is having it done considering he drives a UTA bus and should probably see better to perform the job to it's highest standard. Although, he drives better now than most fully functioning Utah drivers, anyway, so I guess that particular point is moot. I'll just be glad he can see more clearly.

Ms. Kitty is back to her full self - running around, stealing Sarah's Dum-Dum suckers and spreading them throughout the hallways, swatting at us through the bannister as we walk down the stairs, kicking her litter all over the floor for no apparent reason. Yea, she's ready for a big brother.

Lindi's company Christmas party is at the Porcupine Grille again this year, and we are excited. Last year wasn't that bad, plus it is a nice opportunity to see all the other managers in a not-so-stressful setting... not to mention the open bar, which is always a treat. Hopefully, Lindi will be recognized this year for all her contributions and her promotion to General Manager. I am sure she will, and it always makes her feel good.

Still loving my new bed. It's amazing how just a little change like that can completely change your whole outlook and attitude. We've been watching home improvement shows and getting ideas to make the bedroom even more romantic. We're thinking of putting up a shelf that, literally, wraps the entire room, about 1/3 down from the ceiling, to put candles, and we even know how to make awesome looking candle holders! The landlord doesn't care, which makes it nice.

Christmas shopping has already begun., We are Secret Santa for three little girls, ages 7,8, and 9. I almost have their stocking done (toothbrushes, toothpaste, pencils, crayons, coloring books, pencil cases) and each of them have a beautiful Barbie doll. Clothing is next!

This year, our building is decorating under a theme of "Rockin' Christmas" and our departments chosen theme is the CURRENT MUSIC DECADE. Any thoughts for decorating? We're thinking of hanging CD's, sheet music, posters and even stockings with artists names like Ashanti and Ja Rule, etc. HELP!!!!


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