Monday, December 01, 2003

Happy Monday after Thanksgiving!

What an incredible weekend. I am so happy that I was able to have four days off, and a lot of alone time with Lindi, and alone time with myself while Lindi was at work. Sarah spent most of the weekend with her grandmother or her cousin, so I lounged, baked, watched movies and relaxed a great deal of the weekend.

Thanksgiving was wonderful! We started over at Lindi’s Aunt’s house, where I was inducted into the family by offering the family prayer, in Greek. They were quite impressed, and I only messed up once. Can’t remember exactly what I said, but something about blessing the family and the country. It sounded cool. The food was great, and we were sorry we had to leave so soon. We then traveled to my parents, where the WHOLE family was able to be there, which was a surprise since my sister had to work and we didn’t know if we’d see my brother, let alone my niece Sarah! My mother’s turkey was OUTSTANDING, and we were in awe of her feast. We ate a little more, watched football and my brother made fun of me relentlessly… especially about my attempt at a sweet potato pie.

Friday was errands, a little cleaning and resting. Well, it was all those things AFTER going to the Cat House from Hell and picking up Valentino, the most beautiful cat in the world. He is a chatterbox, and he and I trapsed all over the valley together, holding full-on conversations, shopping for new shoes for Lindi. Lorene is not kidding about that house – it is a hell-pit and needs to be destroyed. I am glad I could mother one of those babies… I wish I had room for more. But my baby is gorgeous - black and white long hair, beautiful BIG blue-green eyes and he loves me! What more could you want?

Saturday was an alone night for me and Lindi. I made her a beautiful dinner, we drank wine, watched tv and retired early. Sunday we got up early, went to brunch with her family at IHOP (seemingly a new tradition), then went bowling. Well, they bowled and I watched. We downloaded more wedding photos, printed a couple for some beautiful frames we got as presents, and looked at more for our Christmas cards.

Oh, and I picked up the wine Jennifer ordered in from Greece - the same wine we drank at Spago's for my bachelorette weekend! Boutari - the wine of the Gods.

I also straightened my hair. When did it get so long??

All in all, a wonderful weekend, a new addition to the family and just plain relaxing!

Drink of the day: Vanilla Caramel cafe'

CD on the Playa: Christina Aguilera My Kind of Christmas... can't find my Amy Grant Christmas...


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