Wednesday, December 24, 2003

Yes, It’s Christmas Eve and I’m Working…

Like I really had a choice, anyway. Per my previous blogs, the floor is dead, no one is really working anyway, but I have to try my best. We ARE tracked, after all.

Last night, I spent some time on me and got my nails done. I didn’t have her cut them down, so they are really long, almost ¾ of an inch, and bright Christmas Red! I am glad I’ve gotten used to the length and can still type… well, maybe… and I made Rice Krispie treats for my Dad for Christmas.

Tonight is the gathering at my parents to celebrate with my niece Sarah, and Lindi and our Sarah are going with their family for their annual Christmas Eve at Uncle Tom and Aunt Carol’s house. We hate splitting up, and this is the second year we’ve had to do it, but there’s not much choice. Then tonight, the three of us are going home and having our Christmas together. We arranged with Santa to come early!

OhmifreakinGawd... I am sitting here, in my own little world this morning, chatting with Lorene when over the cubicle wall comes "THIS! THIS IS CHRIST THE KING!!" Now, I like Christmas music and everything, but I was really getting into my own music, Barry White’s greatest hits.... argh. Then, to make it worse, when I relent and turn off Barry, they turn DOWN the music and start singing on their own…

Kill me. Kill me now.

Lorene suggeted I should turn up my music... can you imagine? "Can't Get enough of your love BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAABBBBBBEE!!!!!"

Oh, and we didn't win the department decorating contest... we didn't even PLACE. Now, my Christmas is complete. Can I tear down the fireplace now??

Out-of-the-Blue Comment by a Co-Worker: "I met this guy on the elevator and he was going to the 2nd floor and I was going to the 4th floor… when he got off on the 2nd floor, I just followed him like a puppy dog…” Oh, Lord.

Drink of the Day: Vanilla Caramel Café

CD on the Playa: Barry White’s Greatest Hits…

Lunch Menu: Turkey and Cheese on wheat (no mayo), Doritos… and a Diet Coke…


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