Wednesday, December 31, 2003

Final Thoughts for 2003

*big sigh*

There is nothing I can write here to truly sum up the year in total that is 2003. I can say it has been one of the most adventerous, heart-wrenching, heart-warming and fulfilling years of my life. I thought I would simply post random thoughts as they come to me, and maybe some of them will make you smile.

I am in love with my wife, and am grateful to be surrounded by those who love us and support our marriage... my sister is my truest and my best friend, too bad it took me this long to realize it... I don't like white chocolate, but I love it in fondue with bananas at The Melting Pot... Gingerbread biscotti and a mocha grande is the perfect way to start a morning... My faeries keep me safe and happy... Lorene is stubborn and hard headed - and I am damn lucky to be blessed with her friendship... I am a hard ass when it comes to my daughter, but it's because she is a wonderful human being and I only want her to flourish and become an astonishing force in the world... I love Emeril Lagasse because he makes the hard things look easy... I love my brother because he makes the easy things look hard... Jennifer has the most beautiful blue eyes I have ever seen - and a heart to match it... Gold Canyon candles are addictive... I used to dread turning into my mother, and now I am looking forward to it - she is a remarkable woman... a fresh clean face and a new eyeliner can change the world... Dee is integrity personified... not everyone has to like you, but it's alright to like everyone else... there's nothing quite like a grateful kitty's purr... Lindi is at her most beautiful when she's sleeping, smiling or laughing... it doesn't matter how big or how small you home is, it's the love that fills it that makes it full... Shane and Chet make a beautiful couple... I am grateful to have a coffee cup that doesn't leak on my blouse... music is my soundtrack and I am lost without it... if someone in the office is ordering Chinese, bag the sandwich and order some chow mein... Dylan is like a big brother, Rob is my other bigger brother - and I love them dearly... eating cereal in my jammies on a Sunday morning is my therapy... I am glad to have Christopher in my life, he always lightens my heart... I really am a good cook, it's my oven that seems to have the problem... I miss Scottie, my Godfather and my Aunt Vi - I wish they could have been to my wedding... 8:15 am is the perfect time to get up, now if only the whole world knew that... it's okay to send your ex-fiance a wedding announcement... Toni is resilient and strong and one of the funniest people I have ever known... take the time to help somebody each day, you may be the angel they were praying for... even if you don't know what it is, eat it, you may be surprised... I am blessed to have 2 Stephanie's love and friendship... it's okay that you have friends who know where the bodies are buried, they probably helped you put them there...

All my love and the best of everything for 2004. Stay Safe - and please don't drink and drive!


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