Monday, December 29, 2003

Did We get off Early on Christmas Eve??

The answer, yes, but we didn't get off easily. Let me set this up for you...

We have three shifts, each of which start at different times. I just happen to have the typical 8-4:30 shift. Some of my co-workers have the early shift, and end up leaving at 3:30. Most of the time, with holidays and that, we can move or shifts around to leave early, come in late, whatever we need, they are pretty flexible. I anticipated most of my team would request to work the early shift, so I didn't move from my mid-shift, and committed to work until 4:30 on Christmas Eve.

So, on Christmas Eve, as we are working away, an executive email was sent that let us know they were shutting down the building at 4:00 and those who normally work until 4:30 will still be paid for a full day. How nice...

How nice... until the old biddies on the other side of the wall start bitching, "Well, do WE get to leave at 3 since we normally leave at 3:30?"... "I'm gonna talk to my supervisor!!"....

Exasperated, I said, VERY loudly, "OH-MY-EVER-LOVING-GAWD!!! No WONDER they don't do anything nice for us around here, someone ALWAYS has to BITCH ABOUT IT!!!"

The room went silent, and no one bitched from there on out.

I told my my family what happened with the possible-lunch-on-Friday bitch session and the Christmas Eve bitch session and my father grinned, looked at my brother and said, "She sounds like a Union negotiator."

I take that as a high compliment. From my dad, it was definately meant that way...


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