Friday, January 16, 2004

The Week in Review...

Monday's doctors appointment was, well, a general waste of time. I like my spine doctor, but he couldn't really get the information he needed without an MRI, so I have one scheduled on the 21st. The good news is that my back has not been nearly as troubling lately, I am able to walk better, sit longer and sleep with more consistency. I do have my moments, but it's not catching nearly as bad, and I am thinking the swelling is going down.

The week has gone well, I seem to have little slumps at work, but nothing major. I nearly hit my 300 mark again on Wednesday, and I am quite proud of that, so my skill level is always improving. It's easier to be at work when you're not in pain.

Lindi gave a presentation at a Managers meeting yesterday, regarding her experience at her F.O.R. and how she succeeded at a 93.5% rating. The meeting consisted of all the Managers from all seven stores in the franchise. It was very well received. She was presented with a beautiful Cross pen and pencil set from the owners, as well, and then they took all the Managers and their partners to Tuscany for dinner. I wore a long black skirt, red dress blouse and left my hair down, curling it with my new ceramic hair curler, and Lindi looked gorgeous in black pants and a blue dress shirt.

Tuscany was wonderful. I actually was expecting it to be more expensive than it was, but I think the owners probably spent about $40/person, from appetizers to dessert, which isn't bad at all for a restaurant of that caliber. I had an arugula, pine nut, pear and gorgonzola salad with vinaigrette dressing, cannelloni stuffed with a veal, beef, prusciutto and cheese and a piece of Mark Eaton semi-sweet chocolate cake, vanilla bean gellatto and coffee. I ate the gellatto (which is basically Italian ice cream made with milk, much smoother than American ice cream) and took the cake home. The waitress was flirting with Lindi so obviously, even the other managers at our table noticed and started calling her Lindi's girlfriend. It was hilarious. There was a lot of playful bantering around the table. The entire restaurant is candlelit, and when the candle on our table went out, the waitress came over and replaced it right away, saying something like, "Yeah, just like clockwork, these candles." Lindi said, "I wish I were like that," and quick as a whip I said, "Yeah, me, too!" The whole table burst into laughter, including Lindi, and the waitress STOPPED flirting with her after that. Hmm, I wonder why? Lindi said, "God, scare the poor straight girl, why doncha!" We kept checking our to-go boxes for a phone number and two of the managers had a running bet who was going to sleep on the couch last night.

By the time we got home, Lindi's headache turned from a dull roar to a full blown migraine (muscle related), so I got her to bed with some meds and a heating pad. I was up every hour, making sure she was sleeping, rubbing her neck and head and comforting her to sleep. Her headache is still there, gave her some Tylenol this morning, and she feels better.

I didn't want to wake up this morning AT ALL... but I'm having a good hair day, and it's the Friday before a 3 day weekend. Can't beat that.

Tomorrow night is the holiday party at the Salt Palace. I am so excited, I can hardly stand it, and finally all my co-workers can meet Lindi. It?s semi-formal, so we are going to be dressed to the nines. The menus is exquisite? shrimp, imported cheeses, fruit, grilled and chilled veggies, beef medallions? you name it, and it?s on the menu. There will be dancing, a casino, music, pictures, and a cash bar, baby! Then, off to the Marriott to spend the night and for some alone time. Alone time is good.

Pet Peeve: If you are an insulin-dependent Diabetic, taking up to 5 shots of insulin a day, I don't really want to hear you bitch that you don't feel well when I watched you muching on an entire bag of Kit Kat miniatures all day, not to mention the sugar cookie you had for breakfast yesterday! Stupid. Stupid, Stupid.

My love and thoughts out to my friend Lorene, who rocks the house and is going back to the gym to get healthier. You're my idol. I'm not kidding, gyms are scarey places... sweat... ick.

Hope your day is well and I will try to keep up to date. It?s hard sometimes!

Drink of the day: Just plain coffee

Cd in the Playa: Tori Amos Little Earthquakes


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