Monday, January 26, 2004

Newfound Respect

This weekend was WONDERFUL!

Friday night was uneventful, but around my house, that is a good thing. I was planning on working overtime, but ended up not, simply because my back couldn’t handle it anymore. The more I sit during the day, the worse off it seems.

Saturday, Lindi and Sarah both had to work, so I puttered around the house, not feeling well, and waiting for the plumber to come and look at our main drains, which were plugged again. After 5 hours of waiting for a phone call, I left and met Lindi and Sarah for some shopping at Costco. We then ran home to find the plumber had tried to come by – without calling. I promptly got on the phone with the landlord who loves me, and 20 minutes later, Plumber Boy (as he is now affectionately known) showed up to take care of the problem. Let me just say, the man was gorgeous, and Sarah, Summer (Karen’s girlfriend) and I enjoyed his presence. Lindi and Karen couldn’t understand. There are differences in Bisexuals and Lesbians, ya know!

We then all ran down and met Lisa, Brenda, Deanna, Kat and Brittany at the Broadway to see Monster, starring Charlize Theron and Christina Ricci. We were mesmerized by Charlize’s performance. The girl can act!

It was amazing the transformation she undertook, both in appearance and in personality. I truly believed she researched Aileen Wuornos completely. Charlize is an amazing actress. I loved her in Sweet November, but this performance was different. It’s unbelievable when an actress cannot rely on her looks and shows her true talent and acting ability, much like Nicole Kidman in The Hours. Charlize has a fan in me for life.

As for Christina, I think not enough attention has been paid to her performance as Aileen's lover. I think Christina is one of the most underrated actresses around. She lends depth and reality to any character she portrays, and her work in Monster is something to be seen and appreciated. She's one of those actresses that consistantly gives a good performance, and I enjoy her work very much.

The gang came back over to our small abode and we had a “poker” night, while Britt and Sarah went upstairs and called boys. We drank and played and had a great time until about 1:30 in the morning. I really enjoyed the company of good friends at home instead of a club, where we can actually have conversations – and hear them. I totally blew my diet, but it was worth it, I think. Now, I am back on the wagon.

Sunday morning, Sarah went to church with Karen and Summer, and Lindi and I cleaned the house, organized the Tupperware and pan drawers, and I made her breakfast while we did laundry. Very relaxing. We stayed home all day, taking a 3-hour nap and then having dinner together while watching the Golden Globes. I much rather watch the GG than the Oscars. There is much less song and dance, and more of actual content.

Plus, I was THRILLED that Charlize won for Best Actress for her work in Monster. Well deserved.

This morning, I feel rested and ready to take on the workweek. I have a lot of work ahead of me, but I am ready for it.

Tonight, I will joining many Utah families on the steps of the Capitol Rotunda to protest Senate Bill 24, Marriage Defined. This bill, if made law, will strip the rights of all same-sex couples in this state by defining marriage between one man and one woman. Granted, we never had those rights to begin with. But this law will make it very difficult to have employers, who choose to, recognize our unions, as well as probate judges and other lawmakers recognize legal contracts same-sex couples make with one another, such as Powers of Attorney and Guardianship documents. It makes me ill. So, I am doing something about it. I wrote to every member of the Senate Judiciary Committee. I will protest. I will speak out on this issue. We’re not asking for special rights. We’re asking for equal rights in the protection of our families.

And I will do everything in my power to oust Pres. Bush. The man is an idiot who has no idea who we are as the American public.

Meryl Streep put it best last night, after picking up her award at the GG. “I don’t think the two worst things in America are couples who want to legally marry each other and the overuse of steroids in atheletics. I just don’t.”
Well said, Meryl.

Class personified.

And I got a new lipstick. Chocolate Mousse. Life is good when you get a new lipstick.


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