Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Happy Valentines!
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Our Valentine's Day shaped up pretty nicely. Lindi had to work, but she received a beautiful bouquet of white roses and a balloon at work, and I made her crew chocolate chip cookies. I went shopping while she was at work, and Sarah spent the weekend with her Grandma.

We spent the evening at home alone, just relaxing with one another. I made her an amazing meal, even if I do say so myself. The menu consisted of stuffed mushrooms for an appetizer, stuffed pork sirloin, cauliflower in cheese sauce, and spinach, parmesan and sausage dressing. For dessert, I whipped up my own creation especially for Lindi, Chocolate Cherry Tiramisu - real Tiramisu complete with marscapone cheese and lady fingers. She hates coffee, so I wanted to make her something special that she would love - watching the Food Network pays off! Yes, our diets went out the window, but we had a wonderful evening.

I wasn't feeling well Saturday, and ended up being very sick that night, so we really kept it simple and cozy. I woke up Sunday morning to a beautiful breakfast in bed (complete with a rose and coffee - especially made for me!), watching the "L Word" and napping all day long! (Can I just say that I have a new respect for Jennifer "Flashdance" Beals? The woman can play a lesbian better than most lesbians I know!) Lindi took very good care of me, and we fell in love all over once again. We had a wonderful family dinner on Sunday with her family, and Sarah spent the night with her grandma again, since Monday was a holiday.

Monday, President's Day, was very nice, for me at least. Lindi had to work, so I visited with my mother for a while, then went over to Costco to get some much needed grocery shopping done. Lindi loved my stuffed mushrooms, so I made them once more for her, along with veggies and cheese. Why is it everyone loves the dishes that only take a few minutes to prepare more than the one's that take all day? Funny, that is.

And today. Today. I am inspired by an email message from my bestest boyfriend in the whole world, Jason. He lives in San Francisco with his boyfriend Mitch, blissfully content in a wonderful city, with amazing people. He writes me an email that basically says, get your happy asses down here and GET MARRIED LEGALLY while you still can... We'll put you up, we'll be your witnesses... Get down here!

Legally married? In San Francisco?


I called Lindi at work and asked her to marry me. She laughed and said, "I already did." I replied, "Not legally. I want to take you to San Francisco and do it for real - legally - in the eyes of the government of at least one city."

She was stunned, methinks. So, I am in the process of trying to figure out the logistics of the two of us flying out there as soon as possible. The only problem is her vacation doesn't start until March - and it may be too late if the courts do something before then. I am hoping they don't, we only need a day to fly in, wait in the lines, GET MARRIED, and fly home. God, I want to do this.

Does anyone have any frequent flier miles they'd like to donate to the cause?


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