Thursday, February 12, 2004

And Here It Is...
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As I am walking out the door to go home last night, the supervisor from another department takes me aside and informs me that the job I applied (and was a finalist) for will be on the website today, and I had better re-apply. I thought that was interesting. Two of the people in that unit have been promoted in the last week, but the U is only filling one of the positions. Right now, it's only open to internal candidates, so the field narrows a bit. I am looking forward to the process again. Hey, anytime I can increase pay and level, I am all for it, especially when it's a stepping stone into Management... and only in 5 months. Couple that with my performance review of very-near-perfect, and I can say I am enjoying my work environment.

This morning was a bit of a challenge, though. As I am rushing into work (slept a little late), one of my co-workers is rushing out and tells me she won't be back for the day. She does the electronic downloads into our payment system, and when she's not here, I am her second in command. Thursday's are Blue Cross days, so our payments are HUGE, and it takes most of the day to do. Also thrown into the mix is the refund and research job, which was filled with a temp until this coming Friday, when they let her contract expire. They inform me on Tuesday that I will be the primary on the refund/research position, the denial position, and the new person they have hired will learn the job only as a secondary. So, I had one afternoon of training and I am now an expert (yeah, right). Baptism by fire, baby.

On top of that, first thing, I spill coffee all over my desk, I dump my in basket, I am drug into a fiscal meeting I didn't know we had and I just generally want to scream!

But, I am blessed, and busy!


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