Tuesday, February 10, 2004

"Jou Are My Heerow!"

Definately not something I hear all the time, and certianly not with a Russian accent. As I have previously mentioned, today, Tuesday, is Bagel Day. I combated the dreaded Bagel Day with my own menu - a whole wheat bagel, veggies and fruit. Obviously, I can't eat all the fruit on the plate since it has natural sugar, but a couple of strawberries and a handful of grapes won't kill my diet. And I threw the fruit dip away.

So, my cubie neighbor comes over and says, "Jou okay with Bagel Day?" I showed her my food assortment and she smiled and said, "Jou are my heerow! Jou do so vell on jour diet! I should do as vell as jou!" I thought she was going to give me a hug. Seriously. She further praised me for walking away from Dark Chocolate birthday cake on Friday. Yeah, I know. Harder than hell. But hey, since my sister is MY heerow... I think I can understand!

I am feeling better about this whole lifestyle change. Yeah, I miss the chocolate, and yeah, I am not completely faithful to Atkins or South Beach, but I get the concept. If the only thing I ever do is turn the boxes over and read the labels, shop and choose my food from that information, I will have improved my life for the better. I have almost cut sugar completely out of my diet. I can't believe it. And, truly, it hasn't been too terrible. Wild Oats has become my favorite store.

I should begin my therapy next week. That will help my flexibility get back to where it needs to be. I have good days and bad days, like anything else. Lindi is wonderful, helping me anyway she can. I love her.


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