Monday, February 09, 2004

Weekend Recap...
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This weekend was a very welcomed change. Friday night, I hopped a bus after work and was able to get my cawr before the mechanic closed. I have to say that Mick at Big O Tires on 4500 South and 900 East is a GOD, and took really great care of me. I would HIGHLY recommend him to anyone. He kept me apprised every step of the way, didn’t treat me like a “girl”, and ended up doing everything I wanted for relatively cheap. When it comes to Vanna II, nothing is cheap anymore. So, the grand total came to $448.50, for 2 new rotors, front brakes, 2 new tires mounted and balanced, the heater ballast (he had to pull apart my entire dash to get to my heater, and only charged me half labor), the heater switch, lube oil and filter, hoses and an oil gasket. He ran a diagnostic on the Check Engine light and came up with nothing, so I came out of there rather blessed it wasn’t something major.

After I got my car, I ran home, met Lindi and Sarah, and we went next door for dinner with Karen and Summer. They did a wonderful job of painting the new place and I think it has inspired Lindi and I to do the same with ours. I know Sarah wants a purple room, so we’ll see about that.

Saturday was very relaxing and I turned it into “Pamper Connie” afternoon. After running around for The Mom, I went to the nail salon to get my nails done. There was no one else there, so I ended up having the Queen treatment of a manicure and a pedicure, done simultaneously, while sitting in a massage chair. I had a beautiful Asian girl on either side of me manicuring both hands and a third doing my pedicure. I enjoyed every minute of it, and all of it took just a little over an hour. I left my nails long and had them painted rose petal red with airbrushed pink hearts for Valentines Day. It was very nice.

We had plans to go to my friend Dez’ house for dinner that night, but Lindi was really sick by the time she got home from work, and with the snow coming down, we just thought it would be best to stay home. We ordered pizza (we can have thin crust pizza!!), Summer and Karen came over, did laundry, and we watched “Queen of the Damned”. Sarah spent the night at her StepMother’s house, so we went to bed relatively early and slept until very late in the morning on Sunday.

We did some grocery shopping on Sunday, and I must say I am quite proud of us. We got lots of veggies, fresh and frozen, eggs, meat and cheese. We splurged and bought some Atkin’s ice cream, for those times when we have to have a treat. I have discovered it can be really expensive eating healthy, but luckily Albertson’s had some great deals (it’s their 10 for $10 days – broccoli, cauliflower, celery, Ragu Sauce, etc.) so we bought only what we would feasibly eat in a weeks time, instead of buying food on sale and never touching it. We got caught up on laundry and went to Lindi’s Mother’s house for dinner. Lindi has steadily been getting sick over the past few weeks, but I think she held off on it subconsciously until Sarah was feeling better. This weekend, it just flat out took over. We tried just about everything to get the pain in her sinuses. She’s still not doing very well, send her good thoughts!

So, today is work. I had my second performance review and received an excellent rating. I am quite pleased. I actually completed all my pending work by Friday, so I came in to a completely clean desk, which was a welcomed sight. My boss is excited, and she’s turning another job over to me as well, the credit balance section, which is a lot like I was doing at Pioneer. She said, “You’re really smart in that department, and I think you should take that over.” The girl that’s doing it now is only a temp, and they are letting her go at the end of the week, probably because I can do the job and the temp has been coming to me with her “problem children” anyway. That way, they can hire one more person to post cash, and hopefully, they won’t have to work so much overtime. I am glad I have their confidence. I only have 30 more days until my probation is over – I am hoping I don’t give them a reason to fire me! Maybe blogging too much at work??

My internet site with Michael is coming along, and I will be able to launch it pretty quickly. There’s a lot to starting a business, licenses, registrations, etc. I know it will be worth it in the end. Michael is very talented and I am excited.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Stephanie P!! You’re not getting older; you’re getting… um … really older! (just kidding)

and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my Grandfather, too!


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