Tuesday, February 03, 2004

My Evening from HELL
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Last night sucked big time. My front tire blew as I was coming home from work, but God (and Lorene's Goddess) took great care to make sure I was in a safe spot and not on the freeway. I was able to get my spare out, my lug wrench and my jack out of the trunk, then I couldn't get the jack under the car to change it, because the front of my car was too low. I relented and called AAA. When the tire blew, I felt the brakes go too, so I think I slipped a pad. So, now I need to get my brakes done and two new tires... and a rear view mirror and emissions and inspection and registration by the end of February. Joy. Lindi took me to work early today because I am without car... I get to be a bus geek!

Then Sarah asked Karen to help her with her homework, so Karen and Summer came over and I fixed dinner for everyone. We had low carb Chicken Parmesan atop stone ground whole wheat low carb pasta with summer vegetables and stone ground whole wheat bread. For dessert we had no fat, no cholesterol, non dairy, no-egg peanut butter cookies - WOW, everything actually TASTED like it was supposed to and everyone cleaned their plates, even Sarah! Then I went to bed - with a pain pill and a muscle relaxer on board.

I called my Spine Doctor's office yesterday because they wanted to reschedule my appointment and it's now official - I have a herniated disc at L1 - the top of my lower spine - on the right side. Of course, the first thing they said was, "Typically we do surgery". I vetoed that in a hurry. Then they suggested a cortizone epideral into my spine - um, hell, no. I said, "Look, you are dealing with a big girl here, let me drop some weight, have a breast reduction, THEN let's see how the herniation looks. " The nurse completely agreed with me. She is gonna talk to the doctor tomorrow about a physical therapy regimen to show me what exercises I CAN do to help with the weight loss and allow me time to lose weight, we'll look at surgery in about a year.

The job I put I for about 2 months ago is coming open... time to get out my interviewing suits again!

Oh, and Michael and I are venturing into business together... more details to come, but just suffice to say the freakin' Tarot card reader was waaaayyy too accurate. Blonde boy with good news... business opportunity in something creative that I love... now, if Denise would only get pregnant, we would all be happy bunnies!


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