Monday, February 02, 2004

It's a Monday!
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I am at work and happy that I am not surrounded my piles and piles of paperwork. Now, I would rather not be here, but I can't do anything about that.

This weekend went by rather fast. We had Jessie all weekend while her mom was vacationing in Vegas. Sarah's brochitis seemed to be getting better, so they played a lot and watched movies, etc. I tried to get caught up on housework, but ended up feeling a little "oogie" on Saturday. Saturday night, we celebrated Lindi's brother Bill's birthday at Carvers in South Jordan. The meal was good, but I don't think the price we paid for it was worth it. Nothing we ordered was under $20/plate, and for that, I think it should have been much better. Granted, I had a rack of lamb for $23, but who pays $20 for chicken cordon bleu? Well, it was Bill's birthday and he got to choose, so more power to him... maybe I should have gotten the steak, since that's what they were famous for.

Sunday... SUPERBOWL! After Lindi came home from work, we headed over to my parents for the pizza and lasagne extraveganza. Since we officially started our no-carb diets today, last night was a final hoorah, enjoying pasta and dessert with abandon. And Lindi enjoyed the half-time show with Janet Jackson immensely. But, then again, who didn't?!?! Frankly, I think it was planned. Why else would she have a break away costume? I don't care, she's fabulous. Justin is a lucky man.

Oh, and I got kudos for working 10 hours of overtime last week and going up to the Cashiers office at the Hospital on Friday. I even got a certificate to wear jeans on a Friday if I want. Cool.

My heart goes out to Grace's family at the loss of her uncle Dean. He was one of the relatives I liked a lot. You may divorce wives, but never family, and my heart is broken at the loss. May his Memory Be Eternal.

Drink of the Day: Coffee with Sugar Free Vanilla

CD on the Playa: Evanesence Fallen


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