Friday, February 06, 2004

Putt, Putt, $%*@!!
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Vanna II, the wonderbeast, is dead - at least for now.

Her tire blew on me on Monday, then I decided to take her to work today, so I could get her tires replaced after work, only to try to stop.
Metal on metal, I must have thrown the pads, or something equally as nasty. I had her towed over to Lindi's mechanic for: front brakes, front tires, check engine light (now THAT was scarey), oil change, and heater issues. F$@k F$@k F$@k....

$450.00 AT LEAST.

I am NOT in a good mood.

Welcome, Weekend!

Oh, and I got the prescription for Physcial Therapy from my doctor. I get to go to PT THREE TIMES a week for SIX weeks, then take 2 "back courses" to teach me how to use my back. In PT, I get to do Fitness Tests, Resistive Weight Training, Aerobic Work and a Work Similation.... whatever the hell that is. I also get to do pool therpy, which I am looking forward to.

Grand total? $300.00 in copays for a month and a half worth of work. Shit. I'm REALLY not a happy camper.

Is it Saturday yet? How about now?


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