Tuesday, February 10, 2004

And The Greatest of These is Love...
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I am about to do something that people will say is stupid. I am going to contact a person who deeply hurt me, hurt some of my friends, and caused a great deal of upheaval in my life for a short period of time. You may all ask why, and you may not be satisfied with the answer, but I will give it nonetheless.

In high school, one of my friends had been battling depression and had no one to talk to, due to his own alienation. He decided to take his life, and had no one to reach out to. Had I known where his mind was, I don't think I could have stopped him, but I could have tried anyway.

In my adult life, I have had the same experiences. Many times, I have told myself over and over again that if I have the chance to say something - anything - to help a person through a dark time, then I would, regardless of the consequence. Some of the greatest lessons I have learned and help I have received have come from unusual or unexpected places.

Now, I have that chance.

So, I will email her. I will tell her she is not alone, even if she feels alone. That somehow, she is strong enough of character and will that she will get through this thing and find she is a better person for it... that asking for help is the best thing she can do.

Somehow, she will find the rainbow that God has given us all.

I am not re-kindling a friendship. I am extending the hand of one human to another, even if only for a brief time. It may just be what she needs. And myself, as well.


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