Monday, March 15, 2004

I Have a Sassy New Hairstyle!
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I know. I know. You didn't want me to cut my hair. But the children needed me... I did it for the children...

We went to Sun Sational Salon in West Valley and picked out a haircut.
Lindi and I looked at styles and picked one that wasn't too short and butch, very smart and sassy. The hairstylist has done 2 previous Locks for Love cuts today alone! They have only been on the website for 4 days, and the response was overwhelming.

They measured my hair and cut a full 12 inches off.. and it lightened my head about 6 pounds.

It was a bit of a shock!

But it was really cute, and all for a good cause.

She layered and styled it beautifully...

And I really liked it when she flipped the ends. It was modern and beautiful.

So, here I am with the hair I donated to Locks of Love... Thanks to Danielle for the suggestion and inspiration. Thanks to my wonderful Lindi and Sarah for going with, taking pictures and supporting me. It's hard to lose your hair, but you know, my hair can grow back. These kids don't have that chance.


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