Monday, March 15, 2004

"I Have This irresistible Urge to Touch You..."
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Well, shit, who doesn't?

This was the phone call I received about 30 minutes ago from the Wifey. I had text messaged her about my productivity at work (over 151% of target goal) and I included, "doncha wanna touch me, I'm so cool?"

It's my six month anniversary at work today. That is significant because once I complete this day, I will have completed my probationary period. I may get a raise, I know I get a pin and some extra perks.

But it's bittersweet. My cute little Russian friend and cubie mate was terminated on Friday afternoon for failure to keep productivity. I know 'The Powers' had to do it, she wasn't doing well enough. She tried so hard, despite a language barrier. She and I started on the same day. She made me cabbage piroshki's. I stayed, she left. It made me sad.

So, I am at work, plugging away, trying to be optimistic.

Oh, the Wifey was in the SLTrib today. See below:
"When Allison Topham of West Jordan discovered she had a flat tire late one night, she pulled into the McDonald's on 300 West and 2100 South in Salt Lake City where the restaurant's manager, two employees and three customers spent nearly two hours helping her get it changed, despite the spare being flat and her tools not fitting properly. "

What's really funny about this? It wasn't her. It was one of her shift managers, but she'll happily take the credit. She does have an amazing staff and crew, I love them to pieces. I am their 'Gringa Mama' and I bring them treats. They are from Brazil, Chile, all over... and they are sweet and hard working. The Wifey will appropriately reward the manager on duty... talk about wonderful PR!

Lorene and Dylan are off on their trip to Las Vegas. They forgot to pick me up, dammit. Hopefully, they'll bring me a showgirl.

Can't wait for Tubbs picture so we can start having some Snapshot Love with her. Heh heh heh...

Love out to Pixie. YOU GO, GIRL!


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