Thursday, March 11, 2004

Random, Funny Email...

you, dear girl, are a goddess.

Have my children?

Tubbs has a Project. A funny, fabulous project. And I am gonna help.

She is sending 26 people a disposable camera and a life size portrait of herself. She wants us to take pictures of her with us. That way, she can go around the country, perhaps, dare I say, around the world. Since I have a digital camera, I only need the photo of her, and I can get started. Saving money, saving time...

I have told Lorene... and we are excited of the possibilities where we can take her - what we can show her - about life in Utah. We're throwing a party and introducing her to all our friends. She's gonna get drunk. Oh, so drunk. She's going to the LDS Temple. We have some serious plans.

YOU want to help. YOU want to do the same. Seriously. How creative it this? Better than the roaming gnome, I'm telling ya.


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