Tuesday, March 09, 2004

I've Been Bad, so Spank Me...
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I'm sorry for not blogging yesterday. Truly. I apologize. Things at work have been, to put it midly, insane. But I am slowly gaining control over my life, and my cubicle. The Corporate Monster will not get the better of me, daggone it. I did have my fourth review, which was still above average at 2.9/3.0. I am pleased. Swamped, but pleased.

And what can I tell you about my little life? This weekend was a very busy one. My car decided it didn't want to work anymore on Friday, and I had to be up at the hospital for half of a day. I was able to get a ride up there and back, then Lindi came to my rescue after work. My knight in shining Toyota! She brought me a new battery, and we went back and forth between Checker four times to get the right tools to install it. And it still didn't work.

So, Saturday morning, I called a tow company and had it towed in to find it was a bad battery cable. The freakin' tow cost more than the repair! But the tow truck driver was hot, and a very possible donor. Oh, yeah.

Then I ran home and baked cookies for Lindi's staff, and met Jan and Jessie to receive 10 cases of Girl Scout Cookies! They are stacked everywhere... luckily for me, they will be gone on Wednesday. The Lemon Coolers are to die for. My sister also came over to deliver AVON. Saturday night was Cancun Cafe and watching DVD's at home. We rented Radio, and I honestly enjoyed every single minute of that movie. It was wonderful. Jeffie, on the other hand... I will say this once, and everytime, someone says a movie is a piece of eye candy. Not every movie on the planet is going to be Gone With The Wind. Sometimes, movies are made to escape, and not try so hard. I am an intelligent person. I realize that I was not watching a classic. But it made me escape, even for a mere 106 minutes.

Have I told you how awesome my sister is as an AVON lady? She is really enjoying it, too. She takes all the good things about AVON and adds her happy spirit and voila! I am happy she is doing well with it.

Sunday, Sarah went to church, and Lindi and went to lunch with some friends, came home, took a nap and headed over to Lindi's Mom's house for shrimp cocktail and steak dinner. It was wonderful!

Monday was a kick butt day at work. I am supposed to average 175 accounts per day. Yesterday, I did over 360. I was behind a week, now I am only behind 2 days. I feel very accomplished. I came home and tried to watch Lost in Translation, but we kept getting interrupted, and it wasn't keeping my attention, anyway.

I am sorry this entry is not as witty as normal, but to be honest, I feel very emotionally drained. I am dealing with some issues with my child, and I am scared and angry. If it weren't for Lorene, I fear I would go insane sometimes.

When does a step-parent get the respect a step-parents deserves? I feel it's a constant battle with Sarah at times. I was informed in no uncertain terms that I was "not her mother" on Sunday and "had no right" to discipline her. She was very quickly corrected by Lindi. It is so frustrating. I realize that at age 14, their heads are covered with a wet towel and it doesn't get removed until somewhere in their 20's, and nothing I do now will count for squat until she's older. I just wish I would get somewhere - make some leeway where she's concerned. I pray it will get easier.

My love out to Pixie. You will succeed, I know you will. Sending positive energy your way.


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