Friday, March 05, 2004

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My sister completed MidSummer's Night Faerie and she's at the framers being framed for the place of honor above my bed. She is soooo beautiful. I showed Karen & Summer at the candle party and they were in awe at the intense beading and metallic thread throughout. You can't really tell from this picture, but the background cloth is a deep mossey greyish-green, and her dress is a silvery blue and purple. The bead-work is astounding and took a week in and of itself - gorgeous purples and silvers and pearls. I know my house will be blessed with this magnificent work of art from the loving hands of my sister. It is one of her masterpieces because she made it for me! ::grin:: She is sooo talented, and I am proud to have her work in my home.

I get the honor of being a traveling employee today, covering one of our other offices. No guarantees about posting today, other than I will do my best. I am buried, but determined to unbury myself today.

Plus, I got to cuddle with the wifey all night and all morning, since she didn't have to leave for work at an ungodly hour, as usual. That will make for a wonderful day. That, and a triple espresso-shot sugarfree vanilla latte. I love Wade, the Coffee God. Love love LOVE him. He can father my baby.


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