Thursday, March 04, 2004

Reason 1,255,876 I Love My Wifey
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I came home yesterday to find white daisies on the kitchen table downstairs. They made me smile. Not roses, daisies.

See, I have this saying that I live by: "Life is not all Wine and Roses, sometimes it's Daisies in a Coke bottle." Whenever I feel I have had enough, I try to remember the daisies. Going through health problems, financially straightening-up, getting a house together, and typical challenges can get you a bit down. But, whatever happens, look around at what you've got in your life. You are blessed.

And my wifey knew I'd been down a bit.

That's why, when I went upstairs to our bedroom, there were three daisies in a Coke bottle and a beautiful card with two women embracing. Inside it said:

"Life is not always wine and roses, sometimes it's daisies in a coke bottle. Whatever my life is, I want to share it with you."

All together now... "Aaawwwwwwww."

So, after dinner, she took me to Iceburg and we totally blew our diets and got some ice cream. On the way home, the conversation went something like this:

ME: "Thanks for being so romantical today. I love you."

HER: "You liked it?"

ME: "Of course. That was really sweet of you. Daisies in a real coke bottle." *smile*

HER: "You tell me I'm never romantical."

ME: "No, I don't."

HER: "Yes, you do. You say, "You never do anything romantical." And I do all the time. You just don't notice."

ME: *smirking* "I noticed today. And I love you."

HER: "You do?"

ME: "Yes, honey."

HER: "Good. Remember this day the next time we have a fight."

She cracks me up.


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