Wednesday, March 03, 2004

For The First Time...
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I am grateful to live in Utah.

I was browsing through blogs during my break and I came across an entry at Pixie's site back in October, that stated Fred Phelps, the wonderful gay-bashing prick, had petitioned to put up a statue of Mathew Sheppard, with the caption, "Entered Hell on..." You all know Fred. He's the bigot asshole who shows up to funerals of those who die from AIDS or hate crimes and pickets the grieving families with his message of hate. He's also the guy who runs this websitethat makes me want to vomit.

And it got me to thinking.

For all the times I bitch on this blog about having no rights, no recognition, blah blah blah... I have been blessed with understanding. My family has never been attacked, both our employers encourage us to be out and proud and our friends are open and accepting in a very religious and judgemental state.

I am lucky. So many other's aren't. But I thank God that I am so very very lucky to be able to be who I am and live relatively fearlessly.

I want to run home and hold my wife close tonight and be grateful for all we do have.


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