Tuesday, March 02, 2004

And, as Predicted...
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My morning started something like this...

Cramp. Cramp. Roll over... Whine.
Cramp. Big Cramp. Roll over... Whine louder.
Shift. Smash alarm clock hoping to hit the snooze button... smack lover in the head accidentally and try to move away. Get hair stuck in lover's earring and pull. Apologize. Swear... Roll over... whine quietly.
Doze... then realize the bathroom is calling. Roll over and cuddle lover... whine softly...
Lover's alarm goes off. Swear loudly. Lover gets up and takes you with her. Damn mornings.

I awoke to discover I am celebrating my womanhood, as predicted. Even better? So is Lindi. Same day, probably the same hour. I am filled with joy. Not only did she pull me into her cycle, she dragged me kicking and screaming. Damn, damn, DAMMIT.

Back at work, looking at the piles of work dwindle and become organized chaos. I love it. And I realize that the previous person to do this job wasn't as aggressive as she should have been. Then again, she was a temp just trying to keep her job.

So, I will bulldoze through these piles and gain some control over the credit balance monster. Yee-haw!

My 6 month probationary period ends on March 15th. I am nervous. I sent an email to my boss' boss and asked about the process. Her reply? "If we had a problem with you, you'd know it. Don't worry!" Okay, I am still worrying. It's a Virgo-thang, a trait I consider perfected in my life. How many times have I heard 'don't worry' in some fashion and ended up getting the back door, the raw end, basically screwed over? Exactly.

But come to think of it, if you weren't happy with someone, would you give them more responsibility? Probably not. Unless they want me to get it done before I leave.



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