Friday, February 27, 2004

Status Update
My Current Mood: The current mood of crimsondove at

Over 77 Accounts - about 10k processed.

Clam chowder for lunch, burned my fucking tongue it's so hot. Don't they know that is detremental to a lesbian? I should get work comp.

My headache is still here. Don't know where it came from. Aleve isn't doing it's thing.

My ass doesn't hurt, unlike at 2am when I whined, tossed and finally popped 800 of IB.

I am working OT. Yeah. Bring it on, you corporate monster, b r i n g i t o n.

I love my wifey.

Added 2 new blogs that I found, loved, hugged and now want to keep forever.

It's not even good chowder.


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