Monday, March 01, 2004

Manic Monday
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I am actually quite happy to be back to work. This weekend was spent entirely at home, with my family, cleaning and organizing our little house. Saturday was lounging until Lindi and Sarah came home from work at 2, then we all attacked the house with a vengence. Scrubbing, cleaning, washing, scrub, scrub, scrub... It was oddly relaxing, but Lordie, did I pay the price for it.

Sunday, Lindi and I both woke up at 5:30am (still don't know entirely why) and I started cleaning again so my back wouldn't freeze up. I cleaned the kitchen, did the dishes, started laundry and baked a batch of chocolate chip cookies (I have a lot of dough I need to use up). About 7:30, I realized I didn't have any eggs for breakfast, so I was going to run to the store, once my coffee kicked in and I could drive. Lindi and I sat up and watched some really interesting serial killer movie on cable with Sigourney Weaver and Holly Hunter... the caffeine didn't help and Lindi ended up putting me back in bed any way.

I awoke at 10:30 to the loving kisses of my wife, who had snuck out of bed and ran to the store to shop for me because she knew I wouldn't be able to walk. She was right. Breakfast, medication, lounging on the couch and talking, then back in bed for me until family dinner at her mother's house.

Spaghetti dinner, the Oscars and my darling Charlize winning yet again for her role in Monster. Can't beat that. That single, solitary performance has completely redefined her career. Now, she's not just the pretty face in movies, she's a force to be reckoned with.

The trip for Alaska is set and on it's way. We have to book our own airfare, which is fine, I can do that. And, while we can plan our own airfare and times... we might fly in early and get married in Vancouver. It is legal there. You should have seen the sparkle in my wife's eyes when I told her that. At least we'd be married in one Canadian Providence!

NEW ADDITION to the list o'blogs: Cul at deeper.wants so generously put one of my quotes on his weblog as a statement of gay marriage, and I am grateful. Thank you for the kudos, they are always appreciated.


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