Tuesday, March 02, 2004

I Could NOT Be More Proud of My Wifey
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She received her performance review today for last month. *89%* One point away from OUTSTANDING! (She thinks they miscalculated. She might have actually gotten higher)

A Couple of Highlights:

* Her store had a 98 second drive-thru time. For those McGentiles, 98 seconds is INCREDIBLE. 98 seconds from the time you order, pay, they make your order, they bag your order and you get your food. That's the second highest in the company, even beating her old boss. John was not a happy camper on that one... he can still feel the tredmarks up his back as Lindi overtook his second place position.
* She received her bonus from last quarter - $500! All for the Alaska fund. This current quarter is shaping up to be a fabulous bonus, possibly higher!

I am so proud of her. Except for the fact that she's having dreams about Lorene again.


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